What are air ambulances ?

An air ambulance is a private jet that has been specially adapted to enable medical support for patients while in transit.

What are air ambulances ?
A highly-qualified doctor, paramedic or team of medics travels with your patient to care for them until they reach the destination airport and are transferred safely to your home or local hospital. We take all necessary equipment and medicines with us on the flight.

From anywhere, to anywhere

ALLY AIR Ambulance uses one of the most advanced networks of private jets in the world for medical transports and repatriations. With hundreds of aeroplanes stationed in over 5,000 international airports, we can get you quickly and securely to almost any destination.

Advanced patient care, with 5-star service
Our standard air ambulance transports take place on premium private jets. They include a bespoke treatment area, five-star service and facilities, and space for up to eight passengers travelling with your patient and medical team. Available short, medium or long-haul, they are suitable for anyone who requires medium-care medical support (the stage between general hospital and intensive care).

High-care transports are carried out on air ambulance jets that have been specially modified for emergency inflight support and treatment. Essentially mobile ICUs, the aircraft come with specialist medical crew, state-of-the-art equipment, and room for an extra passenger travelling with your patient. They can also accommodate COVID-positive patients who need to travel in full isolation